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Down and Derby Roller Disco

Photo Credit; Ashly Priest and The A-List Newsletter

Last Friday, I caught up with my dear friend Ashly Priest at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn for “Down and Derby Roller Disco.” Seeing as how I hadn’t seen Ashly in a few months, she suggested the event as the perfect time, and way to reconnect. And why not?

“I Did It!” Ashly makes another successful turn around the rink.

This pic is mostly just Ashly and I not trying to fall. Far right is photographer Marc Hall enjoying our costumed folly

The event is held the third Friday of every month allowing guests to wear way outdated (yet totally fun) outfits and strut their stuff on the rink to late 70′s and early 80′s dance music. I have included some delightfully entertaining ¬†pics of myself and Ashly at last Friday’s Down and Derby Roller Disco. A big special thank you to Dan Rosales for capturing these gems.

Ashly Priest in her eccentric 80′s outfit

Me doing my best plie en pointe… or rather en wheele!

Alex McCord- Fatal Revulsion


Last Thursday brought us the Season 4 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York and, well… what can I say, Alex McCord is still every bit as annoying as she was before.

The horse-jawed Brooklyn housewife is now pursuing a modeling career which, let’s be honest, never would have come about had she not been of Real Housewives fame. Her latest venture has given her and her husband Simon yet another thing to brag about, again without merit.

Almost as annoying was at the start of the episode, Jill and Alex all faced each other at the same event. Now, many of you are aware with Jill and Alex’s history, so I’ll spare the details, but it seems that Alex feels public events hosted by “friends” are the correct place to air out her dirty laundry, and God forbid if you don’t feel the same way. She was so upset that Jill Zarin didn’t entertain her in sorting out their differences at the event and followed Jill around resembling Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. In my humble opinion, if you have issues with someone you would like to resolve so that you, the wannabe high society snob can comfortably enjoy your next free glass of Perrier Jouet (I know, your dinner ticket/ charity donation probably cost you a pretty penny), call that person up in your own time and resolve your problems in private. No one feels sorry for you that you waited to be surrounded by dozens of other people to state your tired cause.


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