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Kristen Bell Sloth Face

By now, you’ve all probably seen Kristen Bell‘s meltdown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show over her reaction to ┬ásurprise sloth visit on her 31st birthday (You can view the video HERE). Now, like most other people, I laughed and applauded the star for sharing such a potentially embarrassing video on national television. She was even sent into another near panic attack when Ellen pretended to be bringing out a cuddly sloth for Kristen.

The only thing that annoyed me about this, is that some people are actually annoyed by her reaction. My response to these haters is simply that I’m sorry nothing brings them as much joy as a sloth does to Kristen. Personally, I’m kind of envious. I mean, I’m a pretty happy person already, but goodness, I would love to have something in my life that brings me that much joy.


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